Black And White Photography Tips And Tricks

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Sometimes I sit back and wonder what it would be like to be a future alien archaeologist stumbling onto earth and it’s relics that humanity left behind. Mostly I figure they’ll just assume we worshiped McDonalds by its numerous golden arches spread across the globe. When I’m feeling less pessimistic, I think about the work of photographers ending up in their hands giving them a view into the earth that once was.


Finnish photographer Kimmo Savolainen has done an amazing job capture moments of stillness, beauty, and nature in his latest black and white series. The long exposure technique that he uses to capture the water’s movement, gives the nature in the picture an ephemeral quality. His command of distance and depth help shape a series of pictures that feel desolate – not of beauty, but of human life. None of his pictures give the slightest indication that there are any humans on the planet. There is only stillness.

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