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Now that every tool available to our customers and prospects is going mobile & online, marketers can’t control the message like they used to. More importantly they need to deliver content that works for their audience – and that video.

We work with businesses across a wide range of sectors in both the B2C and B2B space, helping them create engaging and effective video content as the basis for successful online video marketing campaigns that integrate with their offline marketing.

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Engage Shops Demo

BoldGrid, WordPress as a Website Builder

We get a lot of questions from users who are interested in using BoldGrid to design an e-Commerce site. Setting up a store can be easy.

BoldGrid works within WordPress, so the full field of WordPress plugins out there are still available to you, even if you are using BoldGrid on your site. This means you can use the popular WooCommerce plugin. Setting up e-Commerce with WooCommerce makes it easy to get an online store up and running quickly and easily.

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Buy Xinemax Video Templates Customer Review

Director & Producer

DP & Video Producer

Creative Director & Media Buyer

Dreamtime’s complete programs and package inserts have aired on The History Channel, HBO, HBO Family, PBS, The Travel Channel, NBC, A& E, Fox, ESPN, Nickelodeon, The Learning Channel, The Golf Channel and HGTV. Dreamtime prides itself in continually delivering high quality, innovative and cost effective television to its regional and national clients, network and cable partners.

Dreamtime Entertainment is owned by John Biffar with studios in Cape Coral FL.

Equipment / Gear / Software

Red Epic-W 8K Cinema Camera
Canon C100 DSLR Package
Canon 5D Mark iii Package
Panasonic HPX-500 HD P2 Camcorder 17X Fujinon Lens
Kino Flo , Lowell, Arri Lighting Packages: 2K,1000W, 650W, 300W
PSC and Sound Devices Audio Package with Sennheiser G Series UHF Wireless Mics
Stedicam Flyer Full Size Camera Vest and Arm
Matthews Orange Dolly Doorway Dolly with Balloon Tires and Skateboard Tires

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PostViral Demo

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Social Media Marketing. We have developed processes to execute a social media marketing strategy that is customized to your specific organization.

Not all available applications are right for all clients. For example, Pinterest or Instagram may be the hot social media applications of the day, but if you are a training consultant a photo driven strategy wouldn’t have much value.  On the other hand, if you are an artist, utilizing these photo sharing sites are exactly what you need.

We will analyse your business or organization and present you with the best fit selection of tools available today. At that point you can decide whether to execute the strategy in-house, or you can outsource the content generation to Gatsbo Marketing!

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Viral Reach Software Overview

Viral Reach is amazing product

Viral Reach Is Your Complete Facebook Marketing Solution. Viral Reach automates all of that. Yes, you can get quality content without spending hours and hours finding, collating and posting it. It can be as easy as the press of a button. Viral Reach gets you engaging and click pulling content for your fan pages to drive more customers to your offers. You have your ad budget in check with that. The best part? It helps you create and schedule a month’s’ worth content for all your niche fan pages within minutes – ALL this in compliance with FB ToS. Let me ask you a simple question. What do people come to consume on Facebook? They don’t go to Facebook to watch ads, right? What they are looking for is content that interests them. Latest articles, images, videos, fun things to watch and see. Things that will make the passage of time enjoyable. Facebook is all about organic marketing, and no matter what people tell you, it will always be most powerful marketing system on Facebook.

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