San Diego Plumbing Contractors And Affordable Plumbing Service


Most plumbing companies charge double what we charge reason being there overhead costs are many times more what our plumbing business is seeing since I am the Plumber, Flunky and Marketing Director, office person, all rolled into one .

So this way is more cost effective for the customer. Serving the Greater San Diego Area for over 28 + years. We have  an A + rating on the B.B.B. And 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Google. Star.

San Diego Plumbing Company $49.00 Drain Cleaning. In Plumbing Repair Service and in the Greater San Diego Area for over 28 + years. Charlie Gonzales.

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Plumbing Company In San Diego And Affordable Plumbing Services

martinMartin Morales was born and raised in Santa Barbara, Ca. He starting working for Lewis Plumbing in 1978, training to be a plumber, under the tutorage of his grandfather James Lewis. He successfully passed his California State C-36 Plumbing Contractors license in 1983, and took over the family business as a one man shop. As of today he is a master plumber with expertise in all phases of plumbing. Together with his wife Kathy they run Lewis Plumbing on a daily basis. Martin now has the pleasure of working with his two sons. Matthew Morales, who passed the California State C-36 Plumbing Contractors license, test in 2010 and Marcus Morales who passed the California State Bar in 2012 and is now head of the legal department.

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Full Service Property Management Management Property Rentals

Welcome to the stability of


Our name says it all – our objective is to take the stress and emotion out of being a “small landlord”. Real estate is about investing.  Investments must be approached in a “business like” way. For some landlords, this means: no contact with the tenant. For ALL landlords this means that you want stable long term tenants with low tenant turnover..

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Pest Control And Termite Treatments Raleigh NC Epi1 Mp4 Termite Treatments Raleigh NC

Setelah ane perhatikan secara seksama, ternyata solusi kemacetan di jakarta bukan dengan MRT ataupun diserahkan kepada Ahlinya… tapi cukup libur LEBARAN hahahaha

Wahahaha, solusi yang jitu. Kalau gitu lebaran harus semakin sering. Trus cuti bersama juga dibanyakin.


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Qwik Response Reviews Ventura Find A General Contractor

Ventura, California is better known as just Ventura, California. The city was incorporated in 1866 and as of the 2010 census, the population is 106,433. The Chumash Indians were the first to inhabit the area and archaeological research shows that they could have been in the area as long as 2,000 years ago. This area has a very rich history and this tradition has continued into modern times. In today’s world, this city is most known for its beaches and surfing conditions.


The downtown area is home to a variety of museums, dining, galleries and shopping. All of these range from swanky and high-end to budget-friendly. This is because there is a big spread of socioeconomic classes in the area. The different businesses in the area seem to focus on one class, leading to a large variety of different shops and businesses. The city is focused on high-tech opportunities and created the Ventura Ventures Technology Center in 2009. This has attracted many entrepreneurs and small business owners to the area.

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Home Based Business In Houston Houston Internet Business

listen_buttonIn this podcast I share my story of going from a successful retail / wholesale business owner in a traditional brick and mortar business to struggling on my hands and knees selling rainbow vacuum cleaners. The experience was very humbling, but it taught me a lot about business, marketing, and what it takes to have a thriving home based business.


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Portable Refrigerated Trailers Leasing

To book a campsite at the Lake Casitas Recreation Area call (805) 649-1122 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or make reservations online. Book early for summer, holidays and Executive hook-up sites. Campsites may be booked 180 days prior to the reservation date!

Below are some responses to the most commonly asked questions about our travel trailer rentals and for staying at the Lake Casitas Recreation Area.  Please read all of the questions, as this will help to prepare you for your trip.  For additional information about our trailer rentals, policies, campgrounds, and more, please contact us at 805-649-9170.

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Portable Refrigerated Trailer

IceBox to Go provides portable refrigerated trailer rentals for all of your important events. Whether your event is a party and you need to keep drinks and food cold or a wedding that requires a cool storage area for the cake and flowers, the ability to keep perishable items cold is now easy with one of our trailers. These are delivered to your event by our staff and can be rented for a single day or for extended periods. You’ll be impressed with the quality and ease of use of this professional trailer.

Contact us today for rates and reservations. 

Portable Refrigerated Trailer - Exterior   Portable Refrigerated Trailer - Back   Portable Refrigerated Trailer - Interior

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