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Have you ever told someone that you are an Arabic translator? The person must have looked at you with an impressed face. Having the ability to translate in a language as complex as Arabic brings along several benefits like amazing opportunities for work and travel. There has always been a high demand for this language.

A famous translator Zoe Trunks explains why Arabic translation is very much in demand these days. Discussed are the three key areas where Arabic certified translation is widely used.

Oil Industry

Business in the Middle East centers on oil. It has 53 percent of the globe’s oil reserves and Saudi Arabia alone accounts for 19% of this amount. This demand for oil is predicted to increase by 50% by the year 2030. With oil all set to be high in demand, so will be the need for Arabic translators. Companies like British Petroleum have a large interest in the Middle Eastern and Saudi petroleum markets. This ensures that Arabic translation is and will be in demand in future.

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Interested In Wind Power Generation In Uk


The Prime Minister is planning to cap the total number of onshore wind farms in Britain. But what would limiting the number of wind farms to those in existence or already in the planning system mean?

The UK already has 7.1GW worth of turbines spinning away. There are 1.8GW under construction and some 4.3GW approved but not yet built. Once all these are up and running it will bring the total to 12.2GW.

The government plans to install between 11GW to 13GW of onshore wind by 2020. If they were to limit turbines to those built or in the process of building, it would make precisely no difference at all.

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