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MILWAUKEE — When it’s time to get a “new” mattress, do you really know how old a “new” one is? FOX6’s Contact 6 went undercover to slice open a “bed of lies.”

Jennifer Rivera and Jackie Williams have questions about who else has been sleeping in their beds.

Williams bought her bed from Best Quality Furniture near 12th and Vliet.

Rivera got her bed from Shahd Linens on 16th and Lincoln Avenue.

Two different stores, but these viewers got in touch with Contact 6 with the same story.

“He said it was new. He said everything in the store was new. Never mentioned refurbished, used, nothing,” Rivera said.

“Told me they were new — supposed to be brand new mattresses, and they weren’t,” Williams said.

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Web Design

To design and build a website for their business. On the brink of launching their first product, CircularFLO – a fixed-page-layout exporter for Adobe InDesign to convert Books into ePubs for iPhones and iPads, meant the turn-around time had to be quick and the design had to be fitting with their target market – ebook readers and publishers.

A smooth, clean, editable website with some nice typography was designed and built. A slider on the home page showed off key points about their new product and a system that collected email addresses on download of their free trial meant they could inform users of news, information and software updates.

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Emotional well-being must come from within because reaching external goals often disappoints.” – Dr. Andrew Weil

Today during the official launch of the 28-Day Walkabout Challenge and introduction of the new Rythm Walking Shoe from the new Active Walking Collection by Dr. Andrew Weil Integrative Footwear, I got to meet both Dr. Weil and Australian Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and along with a room full of press, we got to listen to them discuss not only the new product line, but also their opinions on health from the inside out.

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Broken Clouds

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Broken Clouds