Anticipating Resistance To Change At Work

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Local Video Marketing Portsmouth Local Video Marketing Portsmouth

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Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015 by Scott McPherson When a gang wants to stifle a competitor, they bring in a “heavy” to rough up the offending party. Portsmouth’s taxi monopolists brought in the local government for their dirty work. It’s the same shakedown, but the gang sits under a big fancy seal of incorporation, and the […]

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Local Lead Beast 2.0 Software

You know how there’s time for everything. All things take time to conceive, grow and mature. Skipping phases rarely results in a desirable fashion.

The article is a response to Seth Godin’s post on Magic + Generosity = the brand crush

No Mr. Godin, there’s nothing magical or generous about Google. Sure, they deliver some pretty useful services and incredibly fast results. I wouldn’t go too much into detail whether they’re accurate (search algorithms) or very relevant, but there’s nothing magical about them.

Look up when you walk, you’ll notice things you thought weren’t there before and you’ll think thoughts that will surprise you.

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SEO GameChanger Software

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is an important part that can’t be ignored for any successfully online bussiness, because search engine like Google is the main source of traffic except the social media. If your site is powered by wordpress, the good news is there are already many awesome SEO plugins can help website owners finish search engine optimization process within fews clicks.

In this article, we will list best wordpress SEO plugin and compare the main features for each of them, so that you can make your best selection and get tons of organic traffic from a search engine to your site.

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Your Instant Video Empire Review

Millions of online videos are watched every day, including a variety of advertisements, product demonstrations, service information, and more.

It’s one of the easiest ways to attract new people and help them learn about what your business offers. This, of course, can turn people from viewers into paying customers.

Additionally, although blogs and articles should be a part of your overall marketing plan, they don’t have the power of videos. Videos can deliver your messages instantly and cover more information in much less time than written content can.

Videos also help those who learn visually. Most visual learners prefer to learn about products and services via videos as opposed to articles.

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In Need Of A Proximity Beacon

INDIANOLA, Iowa  —  The Indianola Fire Department has a new device to help save lives.

The department purchased a Lucas Device – a small, portable machine that automatically administers chest compressions. The device is kept in an ambulance for emergencies; the department says it can provide CPR for long periods of time. Grants, along with community donations, made the $13,000 device a reality for the department, and firefighters say it was worth every penny.

It’s priceless in the sense that we may improve the chances of survivability for that patient that has a cardiac arrest,” said Lt. Thad White.

The fire department plans to purchase three more Lucas Devices, having one for all four of its ambulances.

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WP Content Ranker Review


Values-Driven Technical Marketing

Optimizing websites for organic search is how we connect great organizations with the people who want to find them. Our approach to SEO focuses on working with search engines and website to find that happy medium between front-end user experience and crawlability, indexability, and semantic relevancy. Those are a lot of fancy words to describe something that’s actually pretty simple. Through SEO, we shape, mold, and polish your website so that it looks just as great to search engines as it does to your customers. Everyone on our team has a strong background in SEO and we pride ourselves in tying the concepts of search engine optimization back to our clients’ business goals.

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Intelligent Inspector Software

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Updated: June 5, 2017

As most of you know by now, WordPress is far more than a blogging platform. It is a full-blown content management system (CMS) that is capable of handling of being used for everything from large enterprise sites to high-traffic magazine publications. WordPress is now used by over 27% of all websites on the internet and shows no signs of slowing down. Most likely there will be a day when it passes that 50% mark. Today we are going to share with you some examples that might surprise you of some of the top WordPress sites and brands around the web.

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