Best Painting Classes Raleigh NC

Registration now open for Session 5 (classes begin the week of June 25, 2017)

Classes at CCAA are held year-round – all classes are held in our Barnstable facility, 3480 Route 6A, unless otherwise noted.

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How To Make Your Photos Pop Out On Facebook

WordPress Tutorials and Reviews for Beginners and Advanced

Are you including blog images in your WordPress posts? Years back, it was normal for blog posts to just be text. But these days, your posts need some visual imagery to really stand out. For instance, BuzzSumo found that articles with images every 75-100 words got shared more often than those with fewer images.

But here’s the problem:

Not everyone is a designer. So how can you create beautiful blog images for WordPress if you’re not familiar with any of the professional tools? The answer is: with something called Canva. And in this post, I’ll show you exactly how to use Canva to create gorgeous images for your blog posts.

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Funny Scare Pranks 2017

Pranks Power

by · December 3, 2016

Best Funny Scary Pranks 2014
Best Funny Scare Pranks Compilation 2014

I do not own the rights to all this song or any of the material used in this video. this video is only for entertainment. ( non commercial use). if you are legal owner some video’s please contact me and if you want to remove,i will Immediately remove it

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Funny Scare Pranks Youtube

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Britney Spears Falls To The Floor, Terrified After Her Kids’ Epic Scare Prank — Watch

Thu, September 22, 2016 1:13pm EST by

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This is gold! Britney Spears’ two adorable sons played the BEST prank on their superstar mom, causing the singer to double over and scream at the top of her lungs! And lucky for us, her kids captured the terrifying yet hilarious incident on camera! SO funny! Watch Britney collapse onto the floor in fear here.

This is seriously the best thing you’ll watch all day! Britney Spears’ two kids, son Jayden James, 10, and son Sean Preston, 11, made a guest appearance on their mom’s Instagram this morning, showing off their practical joke skills as they pulled one over on the Princess of Pop! And her two cuties scored BIG as Britney actually fell to the ground in fear after their prank!

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Watch video on Youtube: Funny Scare Pranks Youtube

Funny Scare Pranks Video

Image via Facebook

It can be fun to spice up a relationship with a little prank now and then, as one mom learned with an amazingly hilarious series of texts to her husband about a new “dog” she decided to adopt. And by dog, we mean coyote.

Yes, you read that right.

Kayla Eby decided to trick husband Justin Bogh into thinking she’d brought a coyote into their family by telling him it was their new dog. With the help of a friend and the magic of Photoshop, she had him convinced that the creature was not only in their house, but riiiiight next to their diapered toddler on the couch.

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Risaku Phoography


by · September 17, 2010

Daido Moriyama | Visioni dal Mondo

Per Daido Moriyama l’importante non è il soggetto ma l’atto del fotografare, i suoi scatti abbattono la distanza tra realtà vissuta e realtà apparente, sono immagini fuori dagli schemi, libere da vincoli sociali o da convenzioni accademiche. L’attenzione del fotografo si rivolge ai frammenti di una realtà che vivono intensamente solo nell’istante in cui la fotografia viene scattata.

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Der Wahnsinn – Social Media

You want to do it.

You need to do it.

Now you know where to start.

Are you a business owner? Do words like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook stress you out?  Don’t go in it alone.

The experts at JH Social Media will help you create a Social Media strategy that works!

Joshua Hale, founder of JH Social Media, takes all of the guesswork out of getting noticed on social media and maintaining an impactful presence there. To truly empower his clients, Joshua learns as much as he can about your business and goals. He then creates a Social Media strategy plan with step-by-step action items and walks new customers through setup and execution. JH Social Media offers several packages to accommodate virtually any budget—especially small businesses who are completely new to Social Media. From setting up Social Media accounts, scheduling daily posts, employee training to using Facebook advertising. There is a package to fit your needs.

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