How To Get Your Ex Back

Sometimes it’s inevitable! You break up with your girl, because it seems like the only thing you can possibly do to resolve your differences. Maybe you tried time apart, maybe you tried counseling, maybe just didn’t know what to do. And so you decided to split.

But now, sadly, you realize that this is the worst mistake you’ve ever made. The lacklustre women that you’ve seen since you split up aren’t a patch on the girl you dated, loved and lived with.


Catholic First Communion Gifts For Godson

The parents, baptismal godparents, friends and any other people invited don’t attend the First Communion ceremony empty handed. While choosing an appropriate gift for a First Communion we must observe, that a First Communion is a holy event, so we must choose a gift of religious nature.

In the post  Are You familiar with Catholic First  Communion Symbols you can read about the symbols, that indicate the importance of the Holy Eucharist. Host, bread, grain, wine, grapevines, grapes and chalice are the most known motives and symbols of the First Communion.

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How To Make An Iron Man Suit

Welcome to the 2017 Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride

Please join us on Sunday April 30th for the 51st running of this unique bicycle tour. While not a race the Minnesota Ironman has a reputation for its challenging routes and often unkind weather. Still several thousand riders join in the fun each year. We hope you will consider joining us as a kickoff to the bicycling season here in Minnesota.

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Surrey DJ Disco Great Music & Entertainment

A  new version of our very popular DJ WordPress Dance Floor theme is live in the Gorilla Themes store with several code improvements, a new touch responsive slider and a full responsive mobile theme layout featured on premium and deluxe packages.

Improved localization and css styling plus a brand new responsive slider to publish videos and articles together are some of the great improvements on the new version of our popular theme.


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Party DJ Home Counties UK Wedding DJ In Surrey UK

These quick forms will help to direct me.


Event Planning Forms

Event Time Line Forms

Music Choices for your event

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With a nearly Limitless Music Collection 50,000 songs and growing I have almost everything. Still, many people are looking for ideas for the music, here is a link to the most requested songs as compiled by DJ Intelligence and Mobile Beat Magazine. I hope these may help you in creating your custom request playlist. 

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Looking For Information On A Unique Charitable Approach


Given our unique set of skills, PeWiBo is interested in collaborations with other charitable institutions. Whether it be : a) helping make your fundraising event more spectacular; or b) providing a bespoke workshop experience for your target audience; or c) a team building exercise for your staff; or d) providing a show that is adapted to deliver your human rights or healthcare message; or e) any other novel combination of the above or any new ideas you may have. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for cooperative events or interesting exchanges of skills and services.

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