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Photography for the bright, bold and badass!

Welcome to Jules Photography. I am an Atlanta-based photographer who specializes in making offbeat, unique, and non-traditional wedding and portrait images. My work is bright, bold, and badass – just like my clients. My goal is to give you not just amazing images, but an experience that’s above and beyond the ordinary, too.

If you like, you can learn more about me , check out my gallery, and get answers to some frequently asked questions right here on these pages. If you have any questions or want to connect face to face or by Skype, shoot me a message so we can chat more.

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Welcome to my website portraying my work as a London based Wedding photographer, providing photography services both in the U.K and to destinations abroad. It’s my passion to find the creativity in life’s moments and to find that blend of the artistic with the personal, sometimes by careful planning other times by letting everything happen as it may. Through my photography I strive to show the moment that is and was in each image.

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As a photographer I personally focus on the interactions of friends, family and those everyday moments to find my best shots, those are photographs that allow someone to appreciate and relive the special moments in their life. I do believe that I am an excellent choice if you are looking for a wedding photographer in London. I like to think I am a relaxed, easy going, friendly person and that I let you know how much I genuinely care about delivering a great service. I am happy to provide examples of my work or show you past reviews based on my London Photography.

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Blog Post:complete Editing Of Wedding Photos Blog Post:complete Processing Of Wedding Photos

Jordan Craig Video & Photo

Handcrafted in Lake Placid and beyond!

2015-08-01 Boettcher Sneak Peek (24 of 56)



See more about wedding photography with Jordan and his team at

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I have loved having a little corner of the world to call home. We’ve made so many memories and miracles there, but my life is changing, you are changing and it’s time to work differently.

I need to make a new way to bring my skills and gifts to my community.

Come on, it’s crazy trying to run a successful small business in this changing economic landscape. I want more time for creating the images I really love and less time managing a brick and mortar business…less overhead, right?

Oh, and I want more time to serve your Real Estate needs.


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Laurel Maryland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

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How Long Does It Take To Get Wedding Photos

16 Sep 2011

Here are some good guidelines for planning your wedding. Obviously, there may be circumstances that will require you to operate on a shorter timeline. We offer this list as an ideal plan to ensure a trouble-free wedding and reception. Simply check off each item as you complete it.

Important!  As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into planning a successful wedding. If anyone offers their help, accept it. And be sure to reward them with a nice gift on your wedding day. Good luck!

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