Treatment For Vertigo – How To Cure Vertigo

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What is vertigo? Vertigo is a term for the dizzy disturbance that a person feels within a fixed environment. The perception is that the surroundings are tilting or spinning. Vertigo can be sudden and short-lived or chronic. In both cases, the exact cause of vertigo should be uncovered and the necessary treatment undertaken.

There are many causes for the symptoms of Vertigo. An inner ear condition, known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, can occasionally occur as the aftermath of a head injury or severe cold. In addition this kind of vertigo can be the result of the aging process. The cause, however, frequently is unknown. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo may seem like an exceptionally long term, but it describes perfectly this non-progressive condition that is produced by, as its name implies, a quick change in head position. The symptoms are normally unexpected and unpredictable.

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Dizzy Spells – Causes Of Lightheadedness

Sherry Olsen, PTSherry graduated with a Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1998. Her interests during physical therapy school included pediatrics and vestibular rehabilitation. She was able to explore both specialties during a clinical rotation at New York University/Rusk Institute in New York City in 1997. After graduation, Sherry accepted a position at NYU/Rusk Institute initially working in pediatric rehabilitation and finally in vestibular rehabilitation. She completed the Herdman Vestibular Competency course in 2001 and received her certification.

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Dizzy Spells – Dizzyness

One of the rare complications that can occur after wisdom teeth removal is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) where one experiences symptoms of vertigo and dizziness. This is discussed over on the wisdom teeth complications page at I have a long running survey on this website where I ask people to share their experiences with wisdom teeth removal see Some previous survey responses appear over at,,, and

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MSNBC set up for New Hampshire

Cynthia Littleton

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — The TV production tents are on ice — literally — outside the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester today as news crews prepare for action in the first-in-the-nation primary on Tuesday.

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Lightheadedness Causes – Causes Of Lightheadedness

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One of the most common causes of feeling nausea and lightheaded after an exercise session is overexertion. If you are working out beyond your abilities, your body cannot supply enough oxygen to your brain, which can lead to feeling lightheaded followed by a feeling of nausea. Being dehydrated can have the same effect, as can working out on an empty stomach, which can contribute to low blood sugar. In some instances, an underlying medical problem, may cause such symptoms.

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Hämorrhoidensalben – Rezeptfreie Hämorrhoiden Salbe

Tests & Erfahrung

Tests & Erfahrung

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Obwohl jeder zweite in seinem Leben mindestens einmal an Hämorrhoiden leidet, sind die unangenehmen Analfissuren trotzdem noch immer ein Tabuthema. Jucken, Brennen und Schmerzen sind nur einige der Symptome, die den Alltag unangenehm machen können. Abhilfe versprechen hier Hämorrhoiden Salben, wie zum Beispiel Faktu lind Hämorrhoiden Salbe die mit einem speziellen Applikator direkt auf die betroffenen Stellen aufgetragen wird. Wie schon in unserem Hemoclin Test, zeigen wir auch hier an Hand von Faktu lind Tests und Faktu lind Erfahrungsberichten aus dem Internet, wie gut die Hämorrhoiden Salbe wirkt.

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Need Information On The Best Way To Locate A Dentist

At Cherokee Children’s Dentistry, we focus solely on Pediatrics.  It’s our specialty. It’s what we’re passionate about. It’s what we love. Building relationships with our patients & parents and teaching children to love going to the dentist is what sets us apart. Family is what brought us into dentistry and family is what continues to define our practice. Through relationship-based dentistry, our team is committed to caring for every child as if they were our own!

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Learn How To Handle Cancer Treatments

In honor of National Women’s Health Week we want to share some valuable new information about Breast Cancer. Paula was diagnosed five months ago, and because she caught it early, stage one, she qualified for a new clinical trial called IORT, IntraOperative Radiation Therapy.

Here are the websites of Paula’s breast cancer health care providers:,, and

Paula is also a board member with Sense of Security, a local non-profit helping pay the monthly bills of Colorado breast cancer patients during treatment. Sense of Security is holding its annual fundraiser, “Distinctly Colorado”, an amazing farm to table dinner and auction at Four Mile Historic Park, Saturday, September 16th. Tickets are $150 (which includes a $25 auction credit.) Please get your tickets online and join us for a fun evening and great cause!

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