Seeking Information On Alternative Therapies

RICHMOND, Va. – Chemotherapy causes side effects like nausea, fatigue and hair loss, but a new study hopes to give patients an alternative.

A new trial study that took three years to complete at VCU Massey Cancer gives some breast cancer patients another option.

The researchers wanted to see if genetic testing could help identify breast cancer patients and to see if they could benefit from hormonal therapy–instead of going through chemotherapy.

Dr. Harry Bear, the chair of surgical oncology at VCU Massey Center, led the latest genetic profiling study, which involved six other medical institutions and 60-plus breast cancer patients.

Dr. Bear presented the findings at a symposium in San Antonio last December.

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Learn More About Enhancing The Immune System

1st International Congress of Micro-Immunotherapy

ICoMI 2017 is now over and we are glad to have achieved this first edition with great success and strong positive feedback.

It gathered over 300 attendees from 28 different countries.

ICoMI provided scientists and physicians a fantastic platform to put forward their latest works and has emphasized the difficulty in finding new ways to treat patients suffering from chronic diseases.
Thus, many different possibilities to modulate the immune system and orient the immune response have been exposed. As the immune system is always involved in the chronic disorders, it constitutes a big challenge to draw new therapeutical strategies.

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Learn More About Progesterone Suppositories Used To Hold Pregnancies


Women are more prone to headaches, especially those related to hormonal changes.  Females make up about 70% of migraine sufferers which indicates a hormonal link.  These may be associated with their menstrual period, and some women have an increase in headaches around menopause.  Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that play key roles in regulating the menstrual cycle and are also implicated in headaches.  Low estrogen levels and progesterone deficiency can both trigger or make headaches worse.  Ask you doctor for blood tests to check your estrogen and progesterone levels.


Headaches just before or during menses are likely due to the drop in estrogen just before your period.  Estrogen fluctuation affects prostaglandin production, prolactin release and the body’s innate production of endorphins and enkephalins which regulate pain.  Sometimes your doctor will recommend birth control pills to regulate your cycle and therefore your headaches, particularly if you have irregular periods.  However, some women experience headaches caused by birth control pills.  Progestin only or monthly pill packs with fewer inactive/ placebo days reduce the drop in estrogen and tend to reduce these headaches.

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2 Weeks Lose Weight Fast

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Searching For Information On Holistic Cancer Therapies

•What type of breast cancer do I have and what stage is it?

•Am I HER2/nu positive or negative?

•How far advanced is my cancer? (What stage is it?)

• What treatment options are available for this stage of breast cancer?

• What are the risks, side effects, or complications of these treatments?

• How long will the treatment take?

• What do you expect my prognosis to be?

• What medicines will I be taking? And for how long?

•Will any of these treatments cause premature menopause or infertility?

• Are these proven or experimental techniques, methods, or medications?

• Is this treatment covered by insurance?

• Can you recommend someone for a second opinion?

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In Need Of Information On The Healing Ability Of The Body

Medic + Healer Council

Thank you for all the amazing support you have shown the Medic & Healer Council!

Greetings relations,

We greet you with heavy hearts, yet with our heads held high. As we all move forward from the destruction of the camps, the Medic and Healer Council is looking forward, and we see much to be hopeful about.

Over the last year of the #NODAPL resistance camps and in the face of historic police violence, our medics and the huge community supporting us has had the humble honor of serving as a safety net for the tens of thousands of people from the hundreds of nations who came to the banks of Mni Sose to pray and lay their bodies and freedom on the line for the water and future generations.

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Breast Enhancement Exercises

DALLAS, TX – Well, this is something you don`t see every day – a breast augmentation surgery being streamed live.

“What`s going on?!” asks Ashley Devonna joking. You may remember her from our story earlier this week.

She`s the youtube star who makes a living posting on social media, and Friday, she was all smiles before going under the knife.

“I`m really open and transparent with my audience,” she says, “they have honestly helped me get to every point of my life.”

“First off I`m very proud of Ashley,” says her father Gene Jones, “she`s worked very hard to build her brand and she`s done a fantastic job of sticking in there during some really tough times.”

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