Apple IPhone X At Amazon

The new iPhone X is displayed during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre on the Apple Park campus on September 12, 2017 in Cupertino, California. Apple held their first special event at the new Apple Park campus where they announced the new iPhone 8, iPhone X and the Apple Watch Series 3. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It will be weeks before we get our hands on Apple’s new iPhone X. The phone doesn’t even become available for preorders until Oct. 27, with deliveries not slated to begin until Nov. 3.

Yet history may well mark Sept. 12, when it was unveiled, as the beginning of the end of the Smartphone Era.

Sure, phones will be around for a long time yet, and Apple will sell a ton of iPhone Xs—even at eye-popping prices starting at $999. But the iPhone X reinforces the notion that phones are destined to recede in importance. More and more, it’s their function, rather than the physical object itself, that will take center stage, while their core technologies are absorbed into other products and venues.

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Best Gutter Cleaning Service Durham NC

Gutter cleaning made easy.


Proper gutter cleaning is a “Top 5” maintenance item to protect your home.


You need a well trained, properly equipped and insured team to take care of this for you.

That’s where we come in: We bring the Best Service Ever to your home.

Full gutters and clogged downspouts can cause water damage to your home, mold in your walls, and even dangerous ice dams in the winter, and climbing a ladder or walking on a roof can be risky.

That’s why we have fully trained, competent professionals to take care of your gutter cleaning for you. You never have to teeter on a ladder, or cling to a roof so you don’t slip off.

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Now See My Best Parkour Fails Compilation Reaction

Epic Parkour Fails Extreme Funny
Best Parkour Fails Compilation 2015 – Epic Parkour and Freerunning Falls & Broken Bones!…Subscribe for more!…

Epic Parkour Fails Extreme Funny
The only equipment you need for parkour is a camera for a friend to hold HORIZONTALLY while he films your failures. Seriously, we probably get parkour …

Out of the top 49 oldest people alive today, only 2 are men. Some might say that this is a coincidence, but scientific studies suggest otherwise.

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Look At This – Parkour Fails Compilation 2017

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Wow See The Ultimate Parkour Fails Compilation

Epic painful fail moments in skateboard, BMX, parkour, scooter, motorbike etc in one short video!
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The most painful fails ever! 2015

EXTREME Pain Fails Compilation || 360 Fails

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West Palm Beach Fishing Charters

Welcome to the best Inshore Sportfishing that Florida has to offer!

    Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout and more all can be  found here off our white beach coastline and backcountry lined with mangroves and oyster bars. A charter takes you to all these Olde’ Florida habitats and relaxes the body and refreshes you with the outdoor spirit.

 Captain Jim Huddleston is Coast Guard        licensed/insured and a True Florida Native right here from the waters of Clearwater, Florida.

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Simple DIY Woodworking Projects

When I first started woodworking, I had a sawzall, a palm sander, and some random hand-tools someone gave me as a house-warming present. I literally couldn’t do complex woodworking if I wanted to.

I am fortunate for those humble beginnings. It really forced me to learn the basics of woodworking by finding the simplest projects I could think of.

It also taught me the value of simple design and I can honestly attribute my minimalist style to those “poor man’s” projects.

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