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Sometimes I sit back and wonder what it would be like to be a future alien archaeologist stumbling onto earth and it’s relics that humanity left behind. Mostly I figure they’ll just assume we worshiped McDonalds by its numerous golden arches spread across the globe. When I’m feeling less pessimistic, I think about the work of photographers ending up in their hands giving them a view into the earth that once was.


Finnish photographer Kimmo Savolainen has done an amazing job capture moments of stillness, beauty, and nature in his latest black and white series. The long exposure technique that he uses to capture the water’s movement, gives the nature in the picture an ephemeral quality. His command of distance and depth help shape a series of pictures that feel desolate – not of beauty, but of human life. None of his pictures give the slightest indication that there are any humans on the planet. There is only stillness.

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Indian Cuisine And Restaurants Sedgefield

You’ve discovered Dasaprakash, home of South Indian cuisine in the Bay Area — delicious and unique Masala Dosai, Bondas, Pakodas, Samosas, and Thalis.

You can see a complete menu online here.

We’re located near Homestead Road and San Tomas Expressway.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Best Restaurants In Hartlepool And The Marina

Grilled Lamb ChopsCasual gourmet dining at its finest. The Rookery’s ever-changing menu features weekly fresh fish specials, beef & bison steak, specialty salads, housemade soups, and other creative dishes incorporating fresh seasonal ingredients from local producers. Including some of the best vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options you’ll find anywhere. Our full bar offers a great selection of regional microbrews, premium liquor, and more than three dozen fine wines.

We believe you’ll find our cuisine to be second to none in the Cable/Hayward vicinity. We’re the only restaurant in the area named to TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame as a Five-Time Certificate of Excellence winner, and also the only one to be AAA Three Diamond Approved. Actually many of our guests from much larger communities with dozens of great restaurants tell us we’re their favorite anywhere.

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Revealed, How To Become A Minimalist

Based on Bootstrap CSS, a fully customizable, minimalist theme with masonry layout and drag & drop sortable sections of the front page.

Fully customizable
Can choose colors, header image, background color, logo image, fonts, sidebar layout options and much more.

Drag & Drop Front Page
Front page template includes a content sections (recent posts, widgets, etc.) that are managed and sorted by the Customizer. Theme comes with frontpage elements as custom widgets. The ability to set the layout of the widgets area: 2-4 columns or slider. You can select up to 3 pages as featured and show them on the front page.

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Top Surveillance Gadgets For 2017

Some 007-style, top-secret spy gadgets that actually existed (23 Photos)


By: Martin

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You know who’s the real hero of all the James Bond films? Q Branch. Every time 007 finds himself in some sort of situation, it’s always gonna be an exploding pen, tricked out car or a laser watch that’s gonna get him out of shit. And while you watch those films with some disbelief, bear in mind, some of that tech was based in fact.

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Luxury Bathroom Suites In Stourbridge

Lee Churchill, of Raleigh, N.C., shows her support for the state’s HB2 law during a rally at the Halifax Mall in Raleigh on Monday, April 25, 2016. (Photo: Chuck Liddy, The News & Observer via AP)

From commencement addresses to major university policy changes, the hot button issue of transgender bathroom rights has caused an uproar across the nation and according to a new poll, the issue may influence voters in the upcoming presidential election.

The effect is being felt on college campus across the country, too.

A Quinnipiac University survey released June 23, shows the storm over transgender bathroom rights has hit the presidential elections, dividing critical swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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Photography Tips Kinds Of Camera Flash

January 1998
by Robert Novella

Tales of ghosts and spirits can be quite compelling and convincing but many people view photographs of these ghostly phenomena as better evidence or even proof of their existence. They have been proffered as evidence ever since the development of modern photography in 1839. Images generally range from bright spots of light and wispy smoke-like forms to detailed images of human faces. But, disregarding hoaxes, many convincing photographs can more easily be explained as photographic artifacts produced accidentally by the photographer, the developer, or even the camera manufacturer.

Photographic artifacts are anomalous images in photos caused by poor camera work, faulty camera design or improper developing. They are ubiquitous because millions of people take photographs every day throughout the world and because cameras are readily available and inexpensive. Once there are enough people involved in an activity, any activity, even rare events become more and more commonplace. Exacerbating this is the fact that most of these photographers are non-professionals with little technical knowledge and experience in proper camera work. The result is a glut of poor pictures with unusual images that seem to defy conventional explanation. Since many people are enamored with the paranormal and rarely, if ever, consider more mundane explanations for mysterious phenomena, a metaphysical conclusion is quickly and easily reached. What they do not realize is that these more mundane explanations concerning artifacts are the simplest explanations and they have been shown to be responsible for all “ghost” photographs that have been seriously investigated. The principle of parsimony (Occam’s Razor)guides us in these situations recommending that the simplest explanation, among two or more that explain the same phenomena equally well, should be ruled out before more complex ones are supported. There are many types of photographic artifacts but they can be distilled down to five major types; flashback, multiple exposure, light diffraction, camera cords, and light leakage.

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Ways To Photoshoot Workflow

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In our post earlier today I talked a little bit about all of the tasks that are needed when you shoot a wedding. Keeping track of all of these tasks is important and that’s where this iPhone/iPod app comes in. I helped with the creation of this app to make something that we could use in the studio to automate my todo list for each photo shoot. I wanted something that was very quick and easy, when a new wedding was booked or we got a new album sale I wanted to tap a few buttons and have all the todo items on my calendar. Even though it was designed to be very quick to use you can also customize each project. So if you have a unique wedding that needs a few extra tasks, you can add or edit tasks just for that wedding. You can also change the workflows that come with the app or add your own to fit the way that your studio works. Here is a little more info about this app with a couple screenshots.

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Foundation Repair Austin TX Pera & Beam Service

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Steel construction has significant benefits over its counterparts like wood and concrete construction such as excellent strength to weight ratio, fire resistance, ease of installation and cost-effective maintenance. With these benefits, though, come some challenges that can best be resolved by a thorough knowledge of structural steel domain and connection engineering in a structure.For large establishments like bridge, skyscraper and power plans Structural steel is a key element of the entire structural system. Steel columns, girders, beams, roof joists, decks, handrails, studs and framing are a few examples of basic steel construction elements. An experienced Structural engineer understands not only how to interconnect these elements for better strength but also the basics of how the structural system will perform in severe climate conditions.Historically, 8 out of 10 structural steel failures happen at connections – where a column connects to end plate, where a column connects to a beam or joist, etc. The Structural Engineer is responsible for the detailing and design of the steel elements and provides directions for the connections. In American construction as specified by AISC standard the Engineer provides size and dimensions of the elements and the Steel Fabricators designs the connections. The Engineer will then review and approve the shop drawings.The fixed connection between beam-column-end plates must not rotate. So for a beam-column fixed connection there may be a plate on the top and bottom flanges of the beam that needs to be welded to the column. If a column is embedded 4-5 feet deep in a concrete pier, it will not rotate. The shop drawer must know if any fixed connections are needed and detail how they are realized. Just providing more attention to such details increases the likelihood of a successful structure.For any queries or you want more information email us at

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