How To Upload Video On Facebook Page

Deciding to start a blog comes with a lot of decisions to make. One such decision: What’s the best blogging platform should I use?

While there are numerous blogging platforms available, below we take a look at some of the most common platforms to help you make the best decision.

best blogging platform

Price: Free stores your site’s content for free on their servers. However, this means users receive a limited version of the WordPress software. Still, it’s a nice choice for hobby bloggers who don’t want to invest money. It’s also a good option for people who plan to upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress blog in the future.

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MKX MK4 Goro Living Tower

One of the cooler new additions for the game is Faction Wars. Players will get to align themselves with one of five factions – Black Dragon, The Brotherhood of Shadow, The Lin Kuei, Special Forces and White Lotus. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to amass points for your alliance through your single and multiplayer mode efforts. The trailer seen above will provide you with a more thorough explanation of this persistent play mode.

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MKX Ranked Matches Sub-Zero Vs Goro Gameplay

CEO 2015 Fighting Game Championships on June 26-28, 2015!

The 2015 GAAM Show is July 25, and we’re going Avengers! 😀

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Mortal Kombat X Tournament on Saturday, May 2nd from noon until 6 pm. We will also be running a Smash Bros and Mario Kart tournament at the event. If you plan on entering only Mortal Kombat X, entry fee is $5 and venue fee is $5. If you plan on entering other events as well, check out the E2C 14 event page here for more info on the venue and entry fees

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