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This isn't what's meant by push cart

In the U.S., more and more courses are going cart only to increase profits, but research shows that this also increases scores. Neil Wolkodoff,the director of the Center for Health and Sport Science at the Rose Medical Center in Denver, found that golfers scored lower while walking with a caddie or with their clubs on a push cart than they did when using a motorized cart. Surprisingly, the highest average scores came from golfers carrying a golf bag.

Why is this? Well, it all has to do with how much energy it takes to golf. Golf might seem like a sedate sport to non-golfers, but Wolkodoff found that a round of golf uses a lot of energy. The most energy was expended while walking with a bag (721 calories burned for nine holes). Walking with a push cart burned just a little less (718). Walking with a caddie burned 621 calories for nine holes, and riding in a cart still burned 411 calories on average. Swinging a club involves the whole body and doing that 100 times over nine holes burns a lot of energy.

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Handgun Training Article #1 Pistol Training

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Pepper spray does not work on 12% of the population

Pepper spray can be rubbed back in your own eyes

Pepper spray can be blown by wind back into your face or your partners.

The prison population is accustomed to being sprayed in the correctional setting are you?

These have proven to work quite well. There is a 21 foot limitation and they are being heavily scrutinized by the public.

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Tea Infuser & Tea Tumbler In One For Hot&cold Tea Herbal Tea Lose Leaf Lose Weight

Are you living an increasingly busy life? Are you finding it harder to make time for a cup of relaxing and delicious tea? If so, we want to help you put an end to that.

Well, since our lives are squeezed to the fullest, having tea on the go is essential and having a steeping tumbler can help you have your “ahhh” moment even on your busiest days.


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Rifle Training Student Review Carbine Course Review

The Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading course exposes students to the basics of reloading centerfire metallic cartridges with little or no prior experience in reloading.

Students will receive the NRA Guide to Reloading as well as a handbook containing additional course and reference material. The goal of this course is to provide beginning reloaders with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to safety reload metallic cartridges.

During the class, students will use a variety of standard reloading equipment to produce functioning ammunition.

Topics Include:



There are no prerequisites for taking this course. Attendees should bring lunch and snacks. Everything else (equipment, components, safety glasses, tools, etc) is supplied by the instructor.

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Sweat Suits For Weight Loss

Lost Weight Pants Too Big 1

I mentioned your fabu weight loss on another thread awhile back, tho I’m guessing you never saw it. Getting clothes taken in is a great way to hang on to those pants that you really love. With weightloss I found that while many pants and skirts still fit in the body, they were now far too long even your local dry cleaner can do a pretty good job of hemming garments (be sure to bring proper shoes with you, try on the piece in the store so they can help find the right length). Belt It!As recently as last week I used a belt to disguise the fact that a garment was too big. Big time weight loss is awesome but it isn’t all unicorns and rainbows! Mostly people just talk about how many dress, or pant sizes they dropped, their new eating habits (I’m lookin’ at you Paleo diet) and how their life is amazing now. We’re constantly exposed to these types of stories on TV too, think Mel B for Jenny Craig, or Jared, the Subway guy.

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Handgun Course Reviews Ladies Shooting Course

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