Best Wedding Rings In Wynne AR

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — A husband and wife have been arrested for stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry from a disabled woman’s home and selling it to a nearby jewelry store.

Davidson County sheriff’s deputies say between June 4 and June 14, Bobby Caulder, 41, and Brandy Caulder, 34, stole $2,415 worth of jewelry and a handgun from Virginia Tulbert’s home in Midway.

Tulbert hired the couple to paint the inside of her home at the end of May.

The project was supposed to take two weeks to complete.

After one week of work, Tulbert noticed pieces of jewelry were missing, including her wedding ring and other jewelry given to her by her late husband.

According to the sheriff’s office, the couple sold the items to Hayes Jewelers in Lexington.

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Ways To Survive A Deadly Pandemic Outbreak

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According to the US government, a biological or chemical terrorist attack is highly likely to occur within the next four years. Will you be prepared?

This week on Surviving Disaster, a double feature, the world is under attack from terrorists with deadly nerve gas and a global pandemic threatens to kills millions.
Host Cade Courtley shows you how to survive.

The full length video is available this week online.

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