Different Types Of Hidden Cameras

How to hide cameras, Tips on installation and use and locating hidden spy cameras

Finally a way to hide your Dropcam – Dropcessories.com

Dropcam has revolutionized home security and made it appealing to a vast number of people. But while Drocpam is one of the most technologically advanced products out there in terms of mobile integration, video quality, motion detection and night vision – people have been looking for a way to hide their Drocpam effectively ever since it first came out 5 years ago.

With a rise in Dropcam penetration, burglars are also increasing on the outlook for the IP cameras and there is fair amount of youtube video footage of intruders entering a house, spotting the Drocpam, covering their faces and disabling the device. One such example is the video below (the burglar spots and disables the camera towards the end):

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