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Primary Tradelines are not what you think!

Primary tradelines are a fictitious idea, spun from the idea of piggybacking credit with seasoned tradelines or authorized user (AU) tradelines.  It is the idea that seasoned and authorized users are “just AUs” and “not primaries”.  And, this is actually a legitimate point.  AU tradelines are AU you tradelines, and nothing more.  Further, when AU tradelines failed to meet illegitimate funding goals, those disappointed set out for “something that worked”.  So, to be “better” than the next guy, offering the same product, the tradeline industry (or at least some of those in it) has “evolved” into the offering of the mysterious “primary tradelines”.  These primary tradelines supposedly boost scores more than AUs, and this would probably be true if the product were possible or legal to offer.  We have a problem with this, and we’ll explain why.

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