How To Adapt The Amazon Technique In A Real Estate

June 18, 2018 Amazon Technique

The exact definition of the 1-click method is: “The technique that allows the customer to make online purchases with a simple click” saving the search information from the beginning to allow immediate payment, protecting the consumer the inconvenience of returning to put all the details of the search over and over again.

You can apply this technique in your daily work as a real estate agent following these guidelines:

Your house … in one click!

You can keep a file with your preferences on your computer, ordered coherently and efficiently accessible so that by the time this client comes back to contact you, you have almost at the moment your file on the screen.

The products of your real estate website at a click!

Everything should be one click away from the client! Offer them a good website for real estate, orderly, fast loading and possibility to filter their searches is, today, crucial.

Relationship with the client … in one click!

The presence of your real estate in social networks will allow these clients to write directly to you without having to leave the platforms where they like to spend their time. A contact … in 1 click.

New real estate sales techniques: Know Your Customer Method

Named KYC for its acronym in English (Know Your Customer), this technique allows you to focus attention on the needs and concerns of your customers, involving you in your future.

Some tips to get to know your client better and get the sale:

  • Try not to mention the home object of the deal in the first 30 minutes of conversation with the client. Dedicate that time to know him.
  • Do not try to teach them a lesson about the real estate sector in the region, but resolve their doubts as a teacher who wants their students to learn indeed.
  • Be aware at all times that your work to help the client does not end with the sale, but must endure over time and perhaps end up making this customer an authentic ambassador of your brand.
  • Try to guarantee the value of what your client has acquired. Customer satisfaction at the time of the post-sale should be your satisfaction.