Hypnosis Definition – Define Hypnotize

If you were to type into Google or any search engine for that fact the above statement you would get 100’s if not 1000’s of different descriptions of what hypnosis actually is. There is no one universally agreed definition and different training schools all, have their own preferred definition. Here are some definitions found online; Hypnosis is a mental state (according to “state theory”) or imaginative role-enactment (according to “non-state theory”). One of the earliest definition of hypnosis in modern history was given by Braid, who coined the term “hypnotism” as an abbreviation for “neuro-hypnotism”, or nervous sleep, which he opposed to normal sleep, and defined as: A peculiar condition of the nervous system, induced by a fixed and abstracted attention of the mental and visual eye, on one object, not of an exciting nature.

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