In Need Of Information On A Used 2015 Yukon By GMC

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The 2016 GMC Yukon Denali XL is possibly the biggest and most luxurious American-made SUV you can buy. It will transport up to eight full-size adults, rip off a 0-60 time of just over 6-seconds and is just at home at Home Depot as it is parked in front of your favorite fine dining establishment. To top it off, the beautifully basic concept has been refined to a point where it now rivals many of its European counterparts.

2016-GMC-Yukon-DenaliXL-review-photos-AutoNation-004 2016 GMC Yukon Denali XL Exterior: The Yukon XL is one of the last body-on-frame SUVs. It incorporates exterior treatments that help it stay in line with current trends and adhere to GM’s overall style. With a 130-in wheelbase and a length of 224.3-in, the Denali XL casts a wide shadow. This is great on the open road, but in the cramped confines of an urban environment those dimensions can sometimes get the best of it. Making a vehicle of this size feel sophisticated is no easy task, yet the designers have managed to pull it off nicely by combining the best attributes of the GMC fleet. The chrome-wrapped grill is garage door big, but it works with the high beltline. Projector beam headlamps that are flanked by LED running lights and which flow nicely into the front fenders (a trend that can be seen brand wide), while recessed driving lamps sit deep in the lower portion of the front bumper. I also dig the 22-inch 7-spoke alloy wheels wearing 285/45-series rubber. Some may scoff, but look closely and you’ll see they work perfectly for a vehicle with such large proportions. Note the carefully placed chrome accents that help to break up the Onyx black paint. They help make the Denali seem less slab-sided and fool the eye into thinking the truck is a bit smaller than it actually is. The rear tailgate can be opened with the touch of a button, while electronically retractable running boards make entering and exiting the cabin a snap. Chrome roof rails are a nice touch as well.

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