Learn More About Wheatgrass And The Immune System

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I was looking into getting myself a wheatgrass juicer and starting regular wheatgrass shots. But I’m wondering if I should bother. A juicer is a big investment and if spirulina does the same thing I’d rather save that money. Is wheatgrass better than spirulina?

In terms of nutrients, there’s not much comparison — spirulina definitely has more. For one, it has essential fats while wheatgrass doesn’t. Spirulina is also higher in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc. It also has registered amounts of copper, manganese and selenium, while wheatgrass doesn’t have these in measurable amounts. It is slightly higher in vitamin C, E and choline, but spirulina beats it on the other B vitamins including folate.

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