Looking For A New Envision By Buick

Image via Flickr by Lars Plougmann

The Buick Envision is designed to fill the gap between the spacious Enclave and compact Encore. This mid-size crossover this spot admirably, offering a host of intriguing and eye-catching features that make it an exciting option for Fort Worth drivers. In an area where highlights like Dallas and Arlington are within reach, but best accessible by car, a comfortable and reliable ride is a must, and this is just what the Envision offers.

The Buick Envision was constructed with structural rigidity in mind. Its body features about 40 percent high-strength steel, 40 percent ultra-high-strength steel, and just 20 percent mild steel. The finished product offers minimal vibration and noise in a body that’s 200 pounds lighter than an Audi Q5 when similarly equipped. Combined with HiPer struts on the front suspension, this provides surprisingly nimble handling for a vehicle of this size. Acoustic laminated glass and active noise cancellation with the Bose sound system make sure your ride is as quiet as it is smooth.

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