Narragansett Electrician Electrician Near Me

electricianWhether you’ve been an electrician for a long time and are looking for a change or someone thinking about entering the field, there are many career options in this profession. Here are five of them to know about now.

The men and women you see working on truck mounted buckets on overhead lines are line repairmen and installers. In this line of work, you’ll apply your electrician skills to electrical and telecommunication systems. Inspecting, testing and repairing lines, operating power equipment and setting up service for customers are just a few of the job responsibilities. Electrical power-line workers maintain the overhead lines that deliver power from the plants to customers, often dealing with voltage regulators, transformers, and even traffic lights. If you go the telecommunications route, you’ll be installing, repairing and even splicing fiber optic cables that transmit phone, cable and internet signals either overhead or underground.

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