Problems Of A Real Estate: Solutions

June 17, 2018 Real Estate Sales

We are in constant contact with real estate marketing professionals who always recommend the same thing: “Agents should focus on solving customer problems. We must encourage the vocation of service in companies, no matter how big they are. “


This real estate sales strategy will create a climate of trust that will be key when the client has to make a final decision. This link will strengthen a relationship with the client that will last over time. And that means future sales.


They demand highly qualified personnel, who correctly understand their potential clients.

Real estate software, a solution to the problem

This type of technique requires comprehensive monitoring by the real estate agent. With CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, you can establish tracking strategies in contacts.

Philosophy of life for your company

This real estate sales technique, as we mentioned at the beginning, is more a philosophy of life. It must impregnate all the processes of the company, from commercial contracts to online real estate marketing efforts.

Negotiation for a real estate: Harvard URY method for demanding clients

“The most important ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with others,” Teodor Roosevelt. And on this principle, the Harvard Ury Method is based, as an excellent sales technique for real estate professionals.

Understanding a difficult person

When we classify a client as “difficult,” it is because the real estate sales techniques that we normally use do not obtain the expected results. These are people with marked egocentricity and lack of self-confidence. This leads to behaviors such as “here I command” or “this is not for me.”