Seeking Information On How Cell Renewal Occurs

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By: Monika Adaszewska 7 months ago

Nature has equipped the human body, including its largest organ, the skin, with a brilliant cell renewal mechanism. When it comes to young and properly functioning skin, the whole cycle of cell renewal is smooth. When it starts to slow down, do not wait for the disaster, help your skin – do a regular body scrub. Which exfoliating skin products to choose from and how to effectively apply them?

The most active zone in the cyclic cell renewal process is the deepest layer of the epidermis where the cell proliferation takes place. How does it work? Newly formed cells are pushed higher and higher by another layer of their successors to appear on the surface of the skin. When they reach the outer layer of the epidermis, the so-called stratum corneum (horny layer), they die and undergo a successive process of exfoliation, which is a constant, imperceptible process for the ‘skin owner’.
Young skin, which is “undisturbed” in this cyclical regeneration, needs about 30 days. However, with age, due to environmental pollution, poor diet, stress, smoking as well as extensive sunbaths or indoor tanning, the skin hardens faster and the regeneration slows down, taking even up to 50 days.

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