Sweat Suits For Weight Loss

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I mentioned your fabu weight loss on another thread awhile back, tho I’m guessing you never saw it. Getting clothes taken in is a great way to hang on to those pants that you really love. With weightloss I found that while many pants and skirts still fit in the body, they were now far too long even your local dry cleaner can do a pretty good job of hemming garments (be sure to bring proper shoes with you, try on the piece in the store so they can help find the right length). Belt It!As recently as last week I used a belt to disguise the fact that a garment was too big. Big time weight loss is awesome but it isn’t all unicorns and rainbows! Mostly people just talk about how many dress, or pant sizes they dropped, their new eating habits (I’m lookin’ at you Paleo diet) and how their life is amazing now. We’re constantly exposed to these types of stories on TV too, think Mel B for Jenny Craig, or Jared, the Subway guy.

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