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This project hopes to bring about the reduction by ten percent of gross litter at five bus stops in the City of Durham. Through the method of a targeted anti-litter campaign, we hope to target cigarette litter and fast food waste. This will occur through the use of social marketing methods by way of social media (Facebook and Twitter), presence at Durham events, passing out of swag (pocket ashtrays) at bus stop study areas, and the existence of flyers at bus stops and in DATA buses. By partnering with the Durham Stormwater Management Department, Keep Durham Beautiful, and DATA Transportation, this study will be made possible.

A pre study and post study assessment will be conducted to determine if social marketing intervention was a success. It is our hypothesis that the use of a social marketing campaign will significantly decrease gross litter in Downtown Durham, NC. It is specifically hypothesized that this campaign will create a ten percent decrease in gross litter at the five bus stop study areas. Informed by results of the study, our final objective is to make recommendations to the Durham Stormwater Management Department for potential courses of action in preventing littering behavior in downtown Durham.

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