Wilson Ultra Golf Set Customer Review

Golfers that are beginners to the sport often do not wish to spend a large amount on new golf clubs but want to have a high-quality full set. Golf club companies make it easy for these golfers to gain entrance to the world of golf by selling boxed sets of golf clubs that include all of the clubs needed to play the game. New golfers may desire to compare the available entry-level boxed sets in order to obtain the best clubs for them.

Top-Flite is one of the most recognized brands in golf. It has a storied history in the golf ball market, providing quality golf balls since 1971. Top-Flite was acquired by Callaway Golf in 2003, providing credibility to the Top-Flite brand of golf clubs. Top-Flite boxed golf sets include a driver, two fairway woods, two hybrid clubs, six irons, a putter, clubhead covers for the fairway woods and hybrids and a stand golf bag. This set retails for $299.99 as of 2010.

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